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Meet + Greet: Dea Kudibal

Last month we invited the very talented Dea Kudibal to our Sheffield store to meet and greet some of our lovely customers. We delved into the brands humble beginnings and how Dea’s focus on quality and her business mind led to the beautiful collections she produces today.

The story begins with Dea describing starting the brand with one scarf in four different colours in 2003.

‘I still remember the café where we sat and I just took a napkin and I was drawing the scarf and putting the measurements on.’

The beautiful scarves she described combined fine knit mohair with contrast chiffon silk lining. They showed the scarves alongside their well known shawls, at fashion fairs in Milan, Copenhagen and more. These four beautiful scarves at the front of the stand, caught the attention of passers by and soon became the star of the show.

‘Everybody who walked by the booth saw the scarf and they just loved it.’

They were snapped up by some of the top stores, with Bon Marche and NK Stockholm to name but a few. This was the product that made Dea Kudibal a regonised name for scarves and shawls.

So, how did Dea go from scarves to clothing you ask? Well, she told us all about that too.

After making their place in the market, a customer of theirs had said to Dea, can you make a simple camisole top in your print? Dea responded that she could not, remembering what she had learnt at business school.

‘I learnt in business school, no we should focus and do what we are good at.’

Fast forward to an exhibit at a fashion fair in Hamburg and this very same customer approached the stand wearing one of Dea’s prints as this very top she had requested. Confused, Dea asked where she had got this top?

‘You wouldn’t make it for me, so I made it myself. I took two of your scarves to my tailor and then he did it for me.’

This was the inspiration for the decision to launch their first fashion collection in 2008. A lot of time was spend sourcing factories and making sure that the focus remained on high quality and beautiful prints and fabrics. Every item is made to this day, by the factories they began with in 2008. Each garment is finished with french seams, every detail is thought out and finished to perfection.

‘so it looks as beautiful on the inside, as on the outside.’

Make sure to check out Dea Kudibal’s SS19 collection, with their renound printed silks in beautiful maxis, blouses and more.