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Behind the Scenes: Unveiling the Magic

Welcome to an exclusive peek behind the scenes of our fashion boutique! Today, we’re lifting the veil on the exciting world of photoshoots, fashion shows, and selecting merchandise. Get ready to immerse yourself in the creative energy that fuels our passion for delivering exceptional fashion experiences to women of all ages. But before we get into all the glam details…

Meet Our Team Behind The Scenes

At Sister, we take pride in being a family-run business with a close-knit team of dedicated individuals who share a passion for fashion and a commitment to providing our valued customers with the best shopping experience. Get to know the faces and personalities behind the scenes, the people who make our boutique special.

Lisa Hempstock – Manager/Director

Meet the driving force behind Sister, Lisa Hempstock. Lisa’s vision and dedication have been the guiding light for our boutique, and her keen eye for fashion and style influences our carefully curated collections. Not only that, from buying to accounting and serving customers on the shop floor she truly does it all.

Siobhan Smedley – Sales/Stylist

Siobhan has an innate ability to understand our customers’ unique styles and preferences. She also provides personalized styling tips and expert guidance in-store, making every visit to our boutique a memorable one. Siobhan has been with us for 10 years and is a valued, integral part of our business.

Bridget Metcalf – Sales/Stylist

Bridget has extensive knowledge and experience in the retail industry. Whatever body shape or style she’ll be sure to offer the best advice and guidance, making sure every customer is tailored to and provided for.

Ellie Hempstock- Admin Manager and Model

Ellie, Lisa’s daughter, plays a crucial role in our day-to-day operations. Her administrative skills keep everything running smoothly, and her modeling talents bring our fashion to life. With her youthful charm and a natural flair for style, Ellie embodies the spirit of our boutique.

Tia Hempstock- Accounts Manager and Model

Tia, also Lisa’s daughter, manages our accounts with precision and grace. Like her sister Ellie, Tia is also a versatile model, adding a touch of elegance to our fashion shoots.

Kelly Dickinson – E-commerce Manager

Kelly is the mastermind behind our online presence. Her expertise in e-commerce ensures that our customers have a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience when browsing our collections online. Moreover, she is dedicated to carefully packaging and sending out our online orders.

Mark Hempstock – Photographer

Mark, Lisa’s husband, is our talented photographer. His creative eye and technical skills capture the essence of our fashion in stunning detail. Mark’s photographs are the visual soul of our boutique, showcasing our collections in the best light.

We’re excited to have you become a part of our story and explore our carefully curated fashion collections. Thank you for choosing us as your fashion destination.

Photoshoots: Capturing the Essence of Style

Our photoshoots are where the magic truly begins. It’s here that the vision of our collections comes to life. The creative process involves an orchestra of talent, from our whole team. Every detail matters, from the choice of location to the lighting, ensuring that our clothing and accessories shine in every shot. In the heart of Sheffield, we embark on a quest to find the perfect spots that capture the city’s essence and spirit.

Behind the scenes, you’ll find us meticulously planning each shoot. It’s about capturing the essence of style, translating it into visuals that resonate with you. We aim to convey not just the beauty of our pieces but also the feeling of confidence and empowerment that they bring to the women who wear them. Through heatwave or snow, our dedicated team is committed to capturing the essence of Sheffield’s style.

In addition to our location shoots we are constantly styling and shooting all our stock to upload to our website as soon as possible. We invest tremendous effort and dedication into creating the perfect shots and we do it continuously as fresh arrivals grace our shelves. Lighting is the key to creating captivating visuals. Our photographers, including Mark and Kelly, craft each shot with precision, ensuring that every color, texture, and detail pops.

The fruits of our labor can be found on our website, where you get to see the latest stock in all its glory. We aim to provide a virtual shopping experience that is as close to reality as possible, allowing you to appreciate the texture, color, and style of our fashion

Fashion Shows: Runway to Reality

Our fashion shows are a celebration of fashion in motion. They’re where we unveil our latest collections, translating runway trends into wearable pieces for the real world. Preparing for a fashion show is a whirlwind of excitement and preparation. However, they are not just about showcasing the latest trends; they are an opportunity to give back and celebrate the spirit of community.

The people who grace our runway are not just models; they are an extension of our family. They are the relatives and close friends of our business. Their enthusiasm and commitment to our cause make our fashion shows feel like a true celebration of unity and style.

Supporting a Worthy Cause: Cavendish Cancer Care

We always dedicate our show to a worthy cause. For the past two years, our fashion shows have been dedicated to supporting the exceptional work of Cavendish Cancer Care. We believe in the power of fashion to make a difference, and by contributing to this remarkable charity, we are not only celebrating style but also the power of community.

Our fashion shows are not just an event; they are a celebration of style, community, and philanthropy. The support we receive from our family and friends, the passion of our models, and the generosity of our customers make these shows a true reflection of our values. By being a part of our runway to reality journey, you’re not only indulging in fashion but also contributing to a cause that’s close to our hearts.

Selecting Merchandise: The Art of Curation

One of the most critical aspects of our boutique is the process of selecting merchandise. It’s a delicate art that involves a keen understanding of our customers’ preferences and the latest fashion trends. We strive to offer a curated selection that caters to a wide range of ages, tastes, and styles.

Behind the scenes, you’ll find our team meticulously researching and sourcing collections that meet our high standards of quality, style, and versatility. We aim to strike a balance between classic wardrobe staples and trend-forward items, ensuring that our customers can find something special every time they visit our boutique.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this behind-the-scenes journey into our world of fashion. From photoshoots that capture the essence of our collections to fashion shows that bring runway trends to reality. Every step of our creative process is driven by our commitment to providing you with the best in fashion.

Our mission is to inspire and empower women of all ages to embrace their unique style and feel confident in every outfit they choose. Thank you for joining us on this adventure, and we look forward to sharing more fashion experiences with you in the future. Stay stylish!