Creenstone Brand

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About Creenstone

Creenstone specialises in women's outerwear such as jackets and coats for the changing seasons. Each piece delves into sophisticated modern fashion whilst often incorporating a retro twist. The brand carefully designs and crafts together each garment to appear within their latest season collections and aims to produce a confident, feminine style time and time again.

The outerwear brand has years of experience in providing women with quality coats and jackets that are durable and practical as well as being highly fashionable. When it comes to creating a new collection, the materials and techniques are carefully considered to ensure the each product is flattering to a woman’s physique and is comfortable to wear.

Celebrating Individuality

Within our collection of Creenstone outerwear, you will find a variety of bold shapes and colours to choose from. With an offering of parkas, macs and much more, you are certain to find a quality coat or jacket that will protect you from the changing seasons whilst helping you to convey a chic look. Creenstone follows a unique signature that celebrates individuality, the silhouette of a woman and timeless elegance.

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